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I have created an On-Screen Cheat Mod to tamper with "Money" in a very convenient way.
Character Stats and other cheats will be updated in future.
I hope this mod is useful for everyone​
Release Date: 15-May-2020

Latest Update: 20-June-2020

Mod Version
: 1.1
: OnlyFunz |
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/ PornGodNoob
Game Version: v0.13 - Fix 6

Language: English / Russian

On-Screen Cheat option available in Phone/Tablet Panel.
Ofcourse you can click multiple times and get +500 each press
Wherever you travel you can access it immediately.

Cheat Mod is just 1 file.
You don't need any extra image or graphic as it is designed to use images already available within the Game.

: Ignore Warnings

After you download, I would recommend to remove the starting part and rename it to "BBRP-CheatMod.rpyc"
: For Windows
Copy the Cheat Mod file it to [ <Game Folder> \ game \ Script ]
(Create a folder "Script", if its not found)

Location should look like this --> D:\Big Brother - Another Story\game\Script\BBRP-CheatMod.rpyc
: For Android
Go to Android > data > $appfolder$ > files

Paste the BBRP-CheatMod.rpyc in "game" folder
(If you don't see "game" folder, just create one and paste it)

v1.0 - Initial Release for v0.12 - Fix 6
  • Money value is displayed in the Phone/Tablet Main screen.
  • Feature to add +500 Money.

v1.1 - Removed Cheat Restriction

Uninstalling Cheat Mod:
You can delete the BBRP-CheatMod.rpyc from the <Game folder>\Script

Do you face any issues with the Cheat Mod? Find most common issues/FAQ!
: Cheat Mod is not working! -or- I'm not able to activate Cheat Mod!
  • Make sure you have followed the Installation method for Windows or Android version of the game.
  • You can find the "Money +500" icon in the Phone / Tablet main screen (refer screenshots)
: Game crashes -or- Error after adding Cheat Mod
  • Make sure you only have 1 Cheat mod file.
  • Delete multiple copies of cheat file if you have in the Game folder.
  • During new updates of Cheat versions, follow the same practice: Uninstall previous Cheat file and then Install the new one.

This Cheat-Mod is designed carefully not to affect the original Game-play experience.
Only to assist the Players in reaching the Goal in an optimal way.

If you do have any queries or suggestions, feel free to contact and share your thoughts n ideas.
Have fun and Stay Safe

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