Urban Demons 9.2.3 Neo Mage's Band aid.


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I'm NeoMage21 and i've been tooling around with the newest version of Urban Demons enough to make what i call the Neo Mage Band Aids.

I've enjoyed the chillymod so much that i wanted to try to bring Grandma and Ms Taylor.
I've also added in Mrs Jennings Babysitting dialogue for the purity and corrupt

(Note the dialogue for the events leading to the scenes with grandma and Ms taylor are being rewritten by me and i'm not the 2nd coming of Shakespeare so please excuse the trash)

This isn't endorsed by Chilly Scholar.
Just a fan of his contributions to a great game that will certainly get better.
But wait as a bonus i'm adding in my cheat room that i made for this version of Urban Demons.​

Updated:July 31, 2018
Game/Creator:Urban Demons/Nergal's Nest
Mod Version:01
Game Version:.9.2.3

Two familiar characters to fans of the Chilly Mod and a scene that's not in the game officially

Hate grinding that purity or corurption,hate waiting a day to be in detention,wanna fuck everyone again or hell even change the day of the week...Now you can with the mysterious cheat room that the Almighty Neo Mage Patent pending cheat room. (Note progression is in the room but it might break the game....use that at your own risk.)

Extract the file in the same folder as the game.exe (\...\Urban Demons\)

Initial version - Comes with The cheat room (mess about near the couch in the bedroom) and Mrs. Jennings Babysitting (Corrupt Purity versions must be progression level 3 or higher)



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